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Have you ever noticed how so many toys give the wrong messages to kids? Toys that encourage violence and fighting in little boys. Dolls that make girls hate their own bodies. That's why a group of us got together and decided to create something that would deliver powerful, positive messages to kids. And that's how Stuffies® were born. Sure they're cute and cuddly, but it's what you DON'T see that makes them really special. Stuffies® feature secret pockets that are fun for kids to discover. Kids can fill them with all their sentimental keepsakes. They're also quite practical as a traveling buddy, storing their games or even their pajamas! And every Stuffie® comes with a super secret surprise that provides the building blocks for great character, PLUS a storybook designed to inspire goodness. Baby Stuffies™ come with 2 FREE friendship bracelets for you and your best friend. Because like baby Stuffies™, friends stick together!

It's our hope that Stuffies® will be a wonderful addition to your family and inspire meaningful conversations that nurture positive self-image. After all, every Stuffies® knows...

It's what's inside that counts! ®

You've seen us on TV and you've probably heard our "how much stuff can you stuff in your Stuffie®" jingle from our commercial. Now you're sure to find both Stuffies® and baby Stuffies™ at an exclusive authorized reseller near you so you can find out for yourself, "how much stuff can you stuff in a Stuffie® til your Stuffie's stuffed enough stuff!"
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